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The Diary of Russell B: 13th December 2009

April 29, 2010

Dear Diary

May I start by saying how lovely you are looking today, and by apologising for neglecting you for so long?

It’s been cold enough to freeze your knackers off today, but has been an excellent day all round. It started off when I went off to meet my old mate Fred. He’s called Fred cos of his resemblance to good old Freddie Mercury.

me and freddie

He’s found that the Freddie Mercury lookalike market was drying up a bit, so he’s been looking to diversify. He showed me his John Travolta dance moves for his next audition, but in the meantime he told me about the new job he had on today, doing a modelling job as the nutcracker prince, sitting on a statue. And he invited me to come along as there’d be many lovely ladies. So, I put on my new “I shagged your gran” belt and headed out.

At the rehearsals I hooked up with a couple of his co-stars

me and the ladies

And I met a couple of sexy Spanish ladies

and an innocent young blonde. She wasn’t innocent for long, I can tell you.

We went out on the job, and I ended the night touching a ballerina’s knickers.

An excellent day all round, I think.


Butterflies: Not as demure as they seem

August 2, 2009

Butterflies. They fly around, light as air. They have elegant delicate wings. They are prettier than their dowdy cousins, the moths. People are taken in and think that they are lovely and that they are good. But people are being fooled. Butterflies are secretly evil, sweary little bastards. Look at the language used by this pair I found trapped in our Knit The City spider web. Potty mouths, the pair of them.

Turning the air blue

Turning the air blue

The walk home

May 24, 2009

I yarnbombed Mildmay library almost two weeks ago. I’m secretly quite pleased that it’s still there and that I can see it from the bus window on the way to work.