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Knit The City Halloween – what you don’t see behind the scenes

November 23, 2009

Do the creations we create have a life away from the yarnstorm? Some would say that they are merely actors playing a part. I caught up with the grey lady and the black rabbit hanging out at the Royal Festival Hall.

"Seriously, what's a girl got to do to get a drink around here?"

"Yeah, just doing a bit of a stretch. All that floating doesn't come without real muscle control, you know"


Welcome to my nightmares – (insert sinister laugh here)

November 23, 2009

It was Halloween and time to yarnstorm. And, I thought, what better use for a Halloween yarnstorm than to exorcise a few demons and nightmares in the company of good friends and through the medium of warm woolliness.

The nightmares for me started with Sapphire and Steel, spooky tales which scared the crap out of me when my Dad let me watch it while Mum was on a night shift. One of the stories featured resentful ghosts of another time haunting a deserted station platform, which brought to mind the ghostly actress said to haunt Aldwych station from the theatre that was previously on its site. I decided to bring her to life at the station, a nameless actress, gradually fading into grey and features disappearing into a blur.

Fade to Grey

Other nightmares followed over the years

Top to bottom: The black rabbit of Inle, Cthulhu and a Slake Moth

The Black Rabbit of Inle has haunted many of my generation. It just takes the first few bars of Bright Eyes and a black shadow sweeping before the eyes to reduce grown men to tears.

Next followed Cthulhu. Marked with the label “this is not a toy, this is pure evil”, the woolliness did nothing at all to lessen his evil hold.

Finally we have the Slake Moth. For those who do not know slake moths, they are a creation of China Mieville’s in Perdido Street Station. They suck out your dreams and leave you hollow. I think that may be the scariest thing of all.